About Robert Schmolze

Robert E Schmolze has more than 20 years of experience in e-commerce, marketing, and branding. His expertise includes leading, designing, and implementing creative strategies. Creating results through engaging executive communications, employee communications, social innovation, advertising, brand development, project management, social media, business analytics, and audience insights. Robert enjoys the dynamics of communication and collaboration with teams and vendors. Robert received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. An enthused lifelong learner, Robert is actively involved in the A+D, Art, and Education Communities. You can friend him on facebook,  linkedin, add twitter.

For more information on working together, you can contact him through his website www.robertschmolze.com  or rschmolze@gmail.com




Robert has over 25 years’ experience in the marketing and advertising industries specializing in brand management and e-commerce. With expertise in B2B, Healthcare, Education, Government, Entertainment, SMBs, Enterprise, Legal, Logistics & Manufacturing, A+D, Retail, and Architecture Industries. He is responsible for leading marketing, advertising, brand, media, and industry analyst relations, executive communications, employee communications, and global social innovation. Robert received his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is an enthusiastic lifelong learner and is active in Los Angeles Education, Arts, and Design Communities.



  • IIDA Socal Recipe For Design | Featuring Tiktok Los Angeles Headquarters by Gensler, Attended, October 2020
  • Pinterest Creators Festival, Attended, October 15 2020
  • Optimizing your microsite by PartnerOn,  Attended, October, 13, 2020
  • Sprout Summit: The Social Marketer’s Map to 2021, Attending, September 30 2020
  • JLL, Flexible space in a post-pandemic world, Trend forecast and suggestions for Landlords and Building owners, September 23 2020
  • Metropolis: Perspective – Learning to Design Full-Circle Webinar, Attending, September 2020
  • CEU Metropolis: Think Tank – Evolving Communal Spaces: The Future of Shared Amenity Areas, presented by Huntsman Architectural Group, Attended, September 2020
  • Metropolis: Think Tank – Driving Culture in a Changing Environment: Lessons Learned from COVID-19, Attending, September 2020
  • Essendant Customer Town Hall – Future Forecast Business landscape for the next 12 months, Attended, August 2020
  • Essendant Digital Marketing Enhancements 2020, August, United Imaging
  • Metropolis: Think Tank – The Science Behind Designing Healthy Workplaces – August 2020
  • CEU Modern Change Management, Attended, Kimball 2020
  • CEU Designing Buildings WELL, Kimball, 2020.
  • CEU How a Place Makes Us Feel, from Kimball Attended 2020
  • Healthcare for Crisis Kimball Product Training, Attended, 3/2020
  • The Future or the Physical and Digital Workplace, WE Workplace, IFMA, Los Angeles, Attended, 2018
  • UI A+Dventures, Exploring Art, Malibu Wine & Safari, Sponsored United Interiors
  • UI A+Dventures, Exploring Art, Getty Museum, Sponsored United Interiors
  • The Future of the Workplace, WE Workplace, IFMA, Los Angeles, Sponsored, Attended, United Interiors, United Imaging, 2017
  • GYST – Business Basics for Fine Artists, Los Angeles, Attended 2002.
  • Pasadena Art Center, Branding, Continuing Education Class, Attended 2001
  • Senniler Product Demonstration, Oil Paint, Materials, Watercolor. PA&C. Los Angeles
  • Jack Richardson, Product Demonstration & Sales Training, How a Brush is Made. PA&C, Los Angeles
  • Winsor & Newton, Product Demonstration & Sales Training, Oil Paint, Acrylic, Watercolor, Painting Mediums. PA&C, Los Angeles


  • Photography, Curation and Installation, Selected Photos with UI Team to create a narrative of Company Services, History and as a sales tool during presentations and client meetings, reinforcing the UI Branding. United Interiors Showroom, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Photography, Shot Project of Photos United Interiors Showroom Costa Mesa, CA
  • HOMEWORK Collection Landing Page, social media, and copywriting. www.uiinteriors.com and www.unitedimaging.com, United Imaging, United Interiors
  • Return to Work 33 page Product Catalog, United Imaging, United Interiors.
  • COVID-19 PPE and Safety Products for Business Landing Page, Resources and Blog, www.unitedimaging.com United Imaging, United Interiors
  • COVID-19 Business Blog Series. www.unitedimaging.com United Imaging, United Interiors
  • UI Website Rebranding, SEO and User Interface Design, 2019-2020 Los Angeles, United Imaging, United Interiors.
  • UI Company Video, Film Production, Writing, 2020 Los Angeles United Imaging, United Interiors.
  • UI Social Media Campaign, Analytics Analysis and Calendar, 2009-2020, United Imaging, United Interiors
  • www.uiinteriors.com
    – 142 Pages.
    – 783 Posts.
    – 174 Post Categories.
    – 16,889 Media Files.
    – 848 Products.
    – 189 Product Categories
  • www.unitedimaging.biz
    – 212 Pages.
    – 862 Posts. Created and Curated seasonal original posts and from our vendors.
    – 174 Post. Categories for easier user navigation across four division of products, services and solutions.
    – 13,379 Media Files.
    – 428. Products. Uploaded and created custom products.
    – 166. Product Categories.
  • www.unitedimagng.com
    Migrated E-Commerce Host, products and pages 3 times since 2010.
    Rebranded 2. Site Navigation 11. Monthly homepage, special offer pages and Company Division Pages Monthly.
    Since Relaunch & rebranding 3/2020
    -97 Custom Pages.
    -90 Posts.
    – 2 minute Company Video.
    – 47 Custom Banners.
  • 2,701 Emails. Office Product, Document, and Furniture Templates. 2015-2020
    – 4 Lead Nurturing Auto Response Programs
    – 228 Partner Email Document Reviewed, Edited, Scheduled and
    Approved. 2004-2020
    – 72 Partner Emails. Technology.
  • Helped Mange and Launch 4 Databases.
  • Brokers Challenge, Volunteer, Graphic Design for United Interiors.
  • Merging the Physical & Digital Workplace, Sponsored by WE HUB Southern California, 2018, Photography, United Interiors.
  • Urban Land Institute – LA Quarterly Review, 4 page Presentation and brochure, Design, Tierney Management, United Interiors 2018.
  • FlexLA, a FASTlinkLA Service, Pop up Event at the ROW DTLA, Graphic Design, Poster, United Interiors 2019.
  • UI 6 On-Hold Scripts and Recordings, United Imaging, United Interiors
  • Designing Buildings WELL – CEU Kimball, 60 page Presentation. Research and Design. United Interiors, Tierney Management, Kimball 2018.
  • Healthcare Design Presentation: WELL Building Standard Kimball Select Dealer Conference, Lori Tierney United Interiors Presenter 2018.
  • Kimball Brand Headquarters Renovation ​Design Charrette, 78 page Presentation, Research and Design, United Interiors, A SustainAble Production (ASAP).
  • Tierney Management, Proposal Template, Design 2018.
  • Kimball Health & Kaiser Permanente, Partner Page, Design Team 2017, Kimball Los Angeles, United Interiors.
  • Kaiser Permanente Health Hub LA, 48 page Presentation 2016, United Interiors.
  • UI A+Dventures, an exclusive series of special events, think tanks and L.A. Explorations with United Interiors and the Southern California Architect and Design community.
  • Art Swagger Photography, Social Media, Graphic Design, Print Production Los Angeles, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. United Imaging, United Interiors.
  • United Imaging Business News Brochure and Blog website. Designed and built www.unitedimaging.biz a Responsive website that could act as a brochure site and blog supporting sales and marketing efforts and integrations that were not available to United Imaging’s e-commerce site www.unitedimaging.com. This solved the limitations to integration with the 3rd Party e-commerce hosting provider. It also allowed for speedy in-house customization. Integrated with social media, landing pages and internal presentation. The website drove 22% direct sales to www.unitedimaging.com after one year of it’s launch.
  • SIYA Art Event, Kimball Los Angeles Showroom, Volunteer, Social Media, Graphic Design, 2010 United Interiors.
  • United Interiors redesign of website www.uiinteriors.com updated site from Static FLASH HTML site to a WordPress, Responsive design.