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May the 4th be with you

May the 4th be with you!

Fearing Minnesota’s State Bird

Sweaty feet is a yummy treat blue mosquitos eat. Sweet pixie sticks. I cross the quite innocent wet grass, and they up jump for joy. Each step I take is a new attack. Party, lunch, down. Party, lunch. down. Fin-a-lly I reach my destination. Salvation. Searing, melting, bright concrete. I am relieved, or only but a […]

Global Sequencer | Stop and Smell the Internet

An online sequencer that collects, samples and plays back sounds from all over the world.


Little Blue meanies eat the pink apricots out of my purple hoof and sit back onto their yellow puke chair whistl’n dixie as the clown clouds go by, I’ll dance in a circle with a finger on my head spinning to entertain spinning to be insane. You think I am a fool for you so […]

Join me and the American Public Health Association in celebrating National Public Health Week: Building Bridges to Public Health

This past year has shown us: Public health is critical. That’s why I am excited to get involved in this year’s National Public Health Week, celebrated April 5-11.

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April is California Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month

California Artists and Art Organizations, the month of April is our time to celebrate, recognize and advocate for the significant impact we make in California.

To make a dadaist poem

April is National Poetry Month, so let’s write a poem! Let yourself go, relax and write it can be a haiku or rhyme-y. Unlock the inner beatnik and go- daddy-o! Read my poem. And try the How-to-make a Dadaist poem it is quick and fun. For the analog challenged we found you a dada poem […]

Don’t Forget to Make an Awards Show

I.I.T.A.P.A.O.T.L.A.A. Ceremony In honor of the Oscars and other awards ceremonies I thought it would be fun to make my own awards ceremony. I thought instead of best picture or best director I would make up my own categories. I am calling it the I.I.T.A.P.A.O.T.L.A.A. – Imagination Insurance The Art Project Awards of the Life […]

Paul Bunyan Pancake Club

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A Woman Called Moses

Helping others ...  helping themselves RELATED A Woman Called Moses by reschmolze on March 4, 2022 About Love, Letter from John Steinbeck by reschmolze on February 7, 2022 Martin Luther King by reschmolze on January 17, 2022 How to Form Your Advisory Board by reschmolze on July 22, 2019 John F. Kennedy by Robert Schmolze [...]

About Love, Letter from John Steinbeck

In November of 1958, John Steinbeck — the renowned author of, most notably, The Grapes of WrathEast of Eden, and Of Mice and Men — received a letter from his eldest son, Thom, who was attending boarding school. In it, the teenager spoke of Susan, a young girl with whom he believed he had fallen in love. Steinbeck replied the same day. His beautiful letter of advice can be enjoyed below. (Source: Steinbeck: A Life in Letters)