The 9 Most-Loved Creative Mornings Speaker Quotes of 2019 

CreativeMornings chapters around the world produce and host events for and with their local creative communities every month. The joyful images and videos captured during each in-person event are then uploaded to the site. The remarkable insights and stories from our speakers continue to live on as a result.

To keep the magic going, we love distilling their nuggets of wisdom into bite-sized, digestible quotes! As 2019 comes to an end, we’re delighted to bring you the nine most-loved quotes of the year:

9. Embrace restarting and try new things.


Garrett Bryant is a poet, artist, editor, and teacher. In a talk at our Denver chapter, he discusses why there’s no such thing as a genuinely fresh restart. He encourages us to embrace the idea of restarting and to prepare ourselves for the unexpected.

8. Chaos can be useful and breed clarity.


Chaos can breed clarity. At our Riyadh chapter, speaker Fayiz Melibary outlines ways to make chaos useful. Like going through a lost-and-found bin, there’s undoubtedly something in there that you can repurpose for something different.

7. Validate your own identity.


Colleen T. Reese walks our Philadelphia community through her journey to body positivity. She gets real about what it was like to transition into a leadership role and what it means to brave an industry that can sometimes feel exclusionary to a vast population of its community.

6. Write for one person, not perfection.


In San Francisco, writer and author Shobha Rao spoke about how she came to write her novel, Girls Burn Brighter, after coming to terms with a universal truth: nothing endures, except for the amount of heart we put into our creations.

5. Make decisions straight from the heart.


Erik Holmberg is the founder of J.Stark. Our Charleston community listened to his story of finding true meaning in his search for a career path and why making things with his hands keeps him feeling connected with others.

4. It takes time to unlock inspiration and build things that matter.


Marc Eastmond is an art director who likes to write and an author who loves to sing. He’s also an eternal optimist who believes that empathic communication can make the world a better place. He debunked some creative myths and unpacked what we actually need to unlock our inspiration. He shared his story with our Gothenburg community.

3. Be courageous, take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.


What’s the role of courage? Roan Lavery explores this question in Edinburgh. Based on his experience of launching his company FreeAgent, Roan reflects on the role of courage in meeting the challenges we all face.

2. Clarity trumps distraction. Be able to distinguish opportunities from your priorities.


In this Los Angeles talk, writer and host Jocelyn K. Glei shares her wisdom about work and creativity in the age of distraction. She reminds us that we must say NO to opportunities, in order to say YES to our priorities.

1. Less ideas, more action. Cultivate creative trust to bring your ideas to life.


In this relatable talk, Laura Peña inspired our Portland community to take action based on creative trust instead of waiting for the right moment. Laura is the creator of the She Is The Universe Project, a global platform designed to amplify the voices of teenage girls from around the world.

When you read through these quotes, it’s easy to see that our community is made up of heart-centered learners who are determined to prioritize clarity and positive action. Thank you to our incredible organizers and volunteers for putting so much love into their events!

We look forward to the conversations and topics that will bubble up in the new decade. You can find all of these quotes and more on our Instagram @creativemorning.

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