Happy Mural Day Los Angeles

Councilmembers Huizar, Gil Cedillo, and Mike Bonin, along with LA’s City Council declared October 12th MURAL DAY IN THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES.  Thank you to all muralists, art-advocates, city officials, and the community at large that helped lift the 2002 mural moratorium and gave back our muralists their Freedom of Expression. United, all of us, will continue to write mural history and we’ll bring back our mural legacy, one mural at a time.

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Schmolze & Gomes

Presented by The Haggus Society

in collaboration with
Julie Montenegro State Farm

Distinct and Dynamic, Carlo Gomes and Robert Schmolze bring forth vignettes of modern life and legend.


September 1 – 30, 2013

September 14th 2013 6 – 10 pm

click address for directions

5683 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042

for more information

or email me at robert@robertschmolze.com
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Sponsored by
The Haggus Society
Highland Park Neighborhood Council
Fractured Atlas
Tarnished Scorpio
Julie Montenegro State Farm




1 year anniversary art show for Pistol Magazine

ARTISTS INCLUDE: El Gato, Sara Ray, Keith Weesner, Sylvia Ji, Jack Rudy, Angelique Houtkamp, Megan Besmirched, Adam Wright, Robert Atkinson, Candy Weil, Scott G Toepfer, E-Dog, Matt Rascoe, Tyson McAdoo, Dan Collins, The Pizz, Manuel Valenzuela, Alex Sanchez, Tiffany Collins, Max Grundy, Joey Sanchez, Gustavo Rimada, Mike Lewis, Rastra Lyall, Gris Grimly, Little Jenny, Rob Payne, Anthony Ausgang, Falcon, Mat Egan, Damien Fulton, Bruce Gosset and more.

Along with cars featured in the magazine: Ian Berky’s Minor Threat, John Saltzman’s Atomitron and John Denich’s Grapevine.

We will be showing films by Scott Toepfer’s “It’s Better in The Wind” and Piero De Luca’s “Mad Fabricators 6”

Join us for food from Tipp’s Thai, booze, and circus performances by Diatomaceous Love!

Up front parking for cars & bikes arriving early.
For more information info@pistol-magazine.com

Arsenal of Desire – Omnific Society Group Show

Arsenal of Desire

Omnific Society Group Show
An Exhibition of New Work from 10 Southern California Artists
One night only, Cash & Carry: November 20, 2010, 6-9 pm
The Julia Dean Gallery
801 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291

– November 1, 2010 –

The Omnific Society, a collective of
Southern Californian artists, has announced its 2nd annual art show entitled ‘Arsenal of

‘Arsenal of Desire’ is a group show exploring and expressing the rich passions that are the basis of the human experience, and intrinsic in the process of making art. The impulse to create is, at root, the desire to express oneself and the way we see the world. Through various mediums, the Omnific Society’s work uncorks the bottled emotional well, exposing to the light their visions and inspirations, sounds and textures. These artists, emerging and established in their own rites, bring their unique sensibilities to this exhibition through a broad spectrum of mediums ranging from assemblage to oil painting, poetry to photography, music to photomontage, jewelry to sculpture, and a few odds and ends in between. The diversity of styles and subject matter combine to form an
exhibit that is truly unique, yet unified in each artist’s creativity and talent.

The collective’s first group exhibit, held in Culver City in September 2009 was an overwhelming success, with a packed house and over a dozen pieces sold in the course of one evening. With this 2nd show, the Omnific Society expects to surpass the success of the first event, with their one night only pop-up cash and carry show. All sales benefit the Omnific Society collectively and individually.

‘Arsenal of Desire’ will be held November 20, 2010 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Julia Dean Gallery at 801 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291. For more information visit: www.omnificsociety.com

Work from the following artists will be featured in the show:

Liz Huston’s photomontage work reaches into the mythic to find comfort and hope in an unfamiliar (and somewhat uncomfortable) landscape. Blending antique photographs with her own modern photography, she creates new landscapes which suggests to us that when looking for a soft place to land, we land in our dreams.


Jamile G. Mafi is an award winning and multi-faceted artist who has had her art exhibited, photography published and poetry anthologized. After receiving her BA in Graphic Design & Fine Art Photography from Cal State Northridge, Jamile has spent the past 20 years working as a graphic designer and art director in Los Angeles.


Nina E. Koumachian Ehlig continues to venture the trails of art anarchy through her spiritually charged adornments. Much of her inspiration comes from ancient cultures, mythology and erotica. Images of new creations reach Nina’s mind complete, and as rapid as Tachyons. Her work has been shown at “The Gallery at the End of the World” in Altadena, and is featured at “Heart and Soul Healing Art Center” in Pasadena.


Robert E. Schmolze is inspired by the industrial revolution. He creates symbolic imagery that speaks to the past, present and future. His work deals with issues of the Tech-revolution, global community and the humanity of our time. Robert is a strong advocate of art education and expression, and has been an active participant in the Los Angeles art community, galleries and alternative art spaces for over ten years.


Kate Carvellas believes in the generative power of cosmos over the despair of chaos. She finds great joy in creating work that brings together the disparate and often discarded things of this world, and creating a new and cohesive whole. This work is the reflection of her journey of self-expression and creative exploration – and in the end, the discarded treasures finally find their place, are given a fresh life and a new story.
Tiina Teal is a world-renowned singer, artist and published writer. She is currently performing with the legendary thrash/metal band, DÉTENTE. DÉTENTE’s new album Decline offers and intelligent yet highly intense, passionate commentary upon American society and the often bestial nature of politics and humanity.


Alan Deforest is a mixed media artist, sculptor, painter, and musician. He uses antiques, bone, old ventriloquist dolls and oddities found from his travels. The combination of items creates his “Organic Mixed Media Boxes”, which breaths life into what has been considered lost. Alan’s artwork is a reminder that there is much more after death…That the essence of life in a forgotten metal, or organic being is just the beginning. Alan is also a resident artist at The Hive Gallery.


Sara Tune studied photography at Parsons school of design, but didn’t feel compelled to become a commercial photographer. Instead, she found work in the movie industry sculpting, painting and building sets, which gave her the skills to create big art signs and her assemblage pieces. When she had children, her art slowed down to a halt, and the iphone presented her with an artistic tool that was always available. Sara’s art has appeared in Rob Zombie videos, Venice Magazine, TV series shows and Venice, CA design shops.


Kevin Johnson (a.k.a. Boots Bryant) is a photographer and writer. He has photographed events for Warner Bros., including several red carpet arrivals. He’s represented the AVN media Network for events including Erotica L.A., in-store celebrity signings, art gallery openings and fashion shows. His work has been featured at Antebellum Gallery in Hollywood.


Omnific Society Group Show

photo by Boots Bryant




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Skate shoe Art show

The footwear launch party was held at Forbidden City in the heart of Hollywood California. The unique skate shoe was the brain child of a V.P. of a now popular online shoe store. Co-designed by former bay area pro skaters and shoe designers from Puma and Adidas. Each custom pair of shoes would get a polirod photo of the factory working and the customers new shoes all finished and ready to ship.

To celebrate the shoe, culture and lifestyle everything was Custom and high energy. Custom Culture was the celebrated with select Customer Skate boards, Custom Car Clubs (Thanks Hells Kittens) and Custom Made t-shirts pressed at the event. Art from Los Angeles’ underground art scene, hand painted creations on the shoes. The Invisible Humans rocked the stage, while gogo girls kept the energy going. It was a great time and an amazing project.

dre0035photos by annie car girl

 Event Signage



Flyer design for Aftershock art show. Featuring Los Angeles Architects personal projects.

Target Zero Art Show


I was curating art shows at Insomnia Cafe in the late 90’s this was one of my favorites.