April is California Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month

California Artists and Art Organizations, the month of April is our time to celebrate, recognize and advocate for the significant impact we make in California.

What is Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month?

In 2019, Arts, Culture and Creativity Month was declared by the California Senate in a concurrent resolution to be every April in California to recognize and celebrate the significant impact the arts have in California. Activations occur throughout the state including city and county proclamations, op-eds, special events, performances, roundtables and more. The goal of our month-long campaign is to elevatepublic awareness of the value of the arts and the collective impact the arts bring to our communities and state.

Mark your calendars now and join me and other California Artists, Creatives and Organizations to use our voices every April from now on and Celebrate

Arts, Culture, and Creativity Month.

Let’s celebrates and recognize the significance of our economic and social impact has across communities in CA.

That’s right you have direct impact in your community, by doing what you do.

It is especially relevant during challenging times to uplift the humanity that connects us all. While so much is changing quickly, one thing remains the same:

Arts are essential and community is built into arts and culture. Make it a Movement make it a daily practice !

Like, share, comment, repost. How you are celebrating this month? Can I come?

you can find more resources and California Community Action Steps to get involved with legislation for Artist and Creative here!



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