Imagination Insurance Exercise #2 

Let yourself Wish. Write it down, throw a penny, break a wishbone, blow out candles and make a wish. Tell me what your wish is and how you make wishes. Leave them on the comments below,  or on my facebook page. Maybe your wish will be granted this year.

To get you started, here are a few fill in the blanks.

  • I wish
  • I wish I had
  • I wish I tasted
  • I wish I knew
  • I wish I could
  • I wish I lived in


Make a Wish!

Post your wishes in the comments below or your amazon wish list.


I will be adding to it through out the year

Another great adventure this year. A new Fedora. Go to Soul South Korea to visit with my niece. To Europe again. Sell more art. For an art show at LACMA. a House.


How the Imagination Insurance Exercise Make A Wish exercise came to be

I was thinking of horses and Batman when sitting down to write my New Year’s resolution for 2014. I decided my New Year’s resolution is to make a wish. This year I am going to make a list of Wishes. I have never done that. I’ve always made lists of to-be-done, needs and wants.


In the Chinese Calendar, 2014 is the Year of the Horse. The horse is a symbol of traveling and of speedy success. This lead my mind to wander. I was thinking about how a kid got to be Batman for a day. Thinking how great it was, that he wished it, so that it could be granted and how inspiring the whole experience was, for the volunteers and the bystanders as well as the kid and his family.


With the new year coming tomorrow I looked at my New Year’s resolutions for the past five years. I have been quite happy, accomplishing them for the most part. I started small. One year my resolution was to make a resolution. Keeping it simple and general, I was able to keep my resolution. For example, another year it was to just smile in public. It was forced at first but now it is second nature and genuine, most of the time. What I realized is that the simple smile spilled out into other parts of my life and I ended up happier.


Last year my resolution was to be more social in the physical world. I joined several groups on Meet Up and asked friends to join me at functions, if it was last minute.


I had created a social calendar. Instead of wondering what to do on an off night, I would check the calendar to see what was going on and often times there was more than one thing to do. If there was nothing, I would create an event, calling up old friends and acquaintances to see if they wanted to do X, Y, or Z that night.


This got me to budget my time better and see where I was most creative and active and when I was feeling like I needed a recharge. I learned what I truly enjoyed and what did not suit me. I found that when I overlapped my artistic needs and social goals amazing conversations and experiences happened. It did give me a couple of new outlets that instantly added value to my life.


So this year my resolution is to make a wish. To do that, I started a wish list on Amazon and Pintrest Board book-marking places I want to go, and above all, I am allowing myself to make a wish. No matter how absurd, or grandiose. I