Don’t Forget to Make an Awards Show

I.I.T.A.P.A.O.T.L.A.A. Ceremony

In honor of the Oscars and other awards ceremonies I thought it would be fun to make my own awards ceremony.

I thought instead of best picture or best director I would make up my own categories.

I am calling it the I.I.T.A.P.A.O.T.L.A.A. –
Imagination Insurance The Art Project Awards of the Life and Art Association.

The categories I came up with.

  1. Best Experience
  2. Best Art Show
  3. Best New Art Project
  4. Best New Photo
  5. Best Accomplishment
  6. Best New Insight
  7. Best Dinner
  8. Best Moment with my Leading Partner
  9. Best Joke
  10. Best Social Media Post
  11. Best Social Media Comment
  12. Best Time with my Family and Friends
  13. Best new Gizmo or Object

You can vote, just on your own, have your friends and family help you vote also.

What categories did you come up with?


  1. Dress up appropriately for your event.
  2. It could be your bests dud’s or your wackiest.
  3. Take some selfies if you are sans paparazzi.
  4. Have one of your Youtube Videos playing in the background or put together a Facebook video.
  5. Then give a speech about what is important in your life and why you love everything you do and what you are planning to do in the future.







Look at all of the objects in your house that are just sitting there or that you have a lot of. And then think about what family member that object reminds you of. or just add -ie after the objects name. Like Cup becomes the Cuppie Award. It’s silly and fun. or just spray paint a doll or object gold and you have your award.


Since the initial awards banquet on May 16, 1929, in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Blossom Room, 2,809 statuettes have been presented. Each January, additional new golden statuettes are cast, molded, polished, and buffed by R.S. Owens & Company, the Chicago-based awards manufacturer retained by the Academy since 1982. Oscar stands 13½ inches tall and weighs in at a robust 8½ pounds. The film reel features five spokes, signifying the five original branches of the Academy: actors, directors, producers, technicians and writers. Although the statuette remains true to its original design, the size of the base varied until 1945, when the current standard was adopted. Officially named the Academy Award of Merit, the statuette is better known by its nickname, Oscar. While the origins of the moniker aren’t clear, a popular story has it that upon seeing the trophy for the first time, Academy librarian (and eventual executive director) Margaret Herrick remarked that it resembled her Uncle Oscar. The Academy didn’t adopt the nickname officially until 1939, but it was widely known enough by 1934 that Hollywood columnist Sidney Skolsky used it in a piece referring to Katharine Hepburn’s first Best Actress win. content content content

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Did you have your own show?

Let me know how it went. tag me on Instagram @rschmolze and use #myawardceremony