Sunday Reading 3.09.20

Intriguing articles I found interesting this week.


  1. Nowhere To Meet? How Google And Others Are Changing How Workers Collaborate

  2. Socially Activated Offices Are More Crucial In Suburbs Than Urban Centers

  3. Think with Google Podcast

  4. The Hidden Costs of Open Ceilings

  5. Ergonomics and Workplace Design

  6. 2019 Workplace Trend Predictions

  7. Powerful Workplace Changes You Need To Know In 2020

  8. A Gen Z-er’s Take on Preparing Your Workplace for…

  9. Neuro-diversity: A New Lens For Workplace Design

  10. How a Healthy Workspace Can Transform Your Office Culture

  11. A New Perspective: Why Architects Are the New Brand…

  12. Enriching the Workplace with Biophilic Design

  13. Designing for Neurodiversity and Inclusion

  14. Unsettling Explorations of Utopia

Exceptional Education Interiors

  1. Mi Casita Preschool and Cultural Center

  2. Kfar Shemaryahu Educational Complex

  3. WeGrow

  4. Princess Máxima Centre

  5. School Group René Beauverie

  6. Hayarden School

  7. Académie des Sacrés-Coeurs

  8. Megi Kids and play cafe

  9. Rockford Public Schools K-5 Prototype School

  10. Primary School at Grandlstraße

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