Skate Shoe Art Show

The footwear launch party was held at Forbidden City in the heart of Hollywood California. The unique skate shoe was the brain child of a V.P. of a now popular online shoe store. Co-designed by former bay area pro skaters and shoe designers from Puma and Adidas. Each custom pair of shoes would get a Polirod photo of the factory working and the customers new shoes all finished and ready to ship.

To celebrate the shoe, culture and lifestyle every part of the event was custom and high energy. Custom Culture was the celebrated with curated with, Custom Painted Shoes by Local Los Angeles Artists, Custom Skate boards, Custom Car Clubs (Thanks to Hells Kittens Car Club) and Custom Made T-shirts made and pressed at the event. Art from Los Angeles’ underground art scene, hand painted creations on the shoes. The Invisible Humans rocked the stage, local DJs kept the energy high for the rest of the event. It was a great time and an amazing project.

Photos by: Annie “Car Girl”

 Event Signage

Teaser Flyer