Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn: Best Practices by Evovled Office

LinkedIn is so much more than just a platform for finding jobs. Of its more than 700 million users, over 90 million are classified as senior-level influencers, making it a sales prospecting goldmine. With no restrictions on access to user profiles, astute business professionals are increasingly using it as a primary source of new leads.

When it comes to drumming up business, the first challenge is finding the right individuals to connect with. In this blog post, you’ll learn actionable tips on how you can get new clients for your dealership through sales prospecting on LinkedIn.

Polish Your Profile

Before you even think about reaching out to someone, make sure your profile is up to date and stands out. Potential connections will most likely visit your profile to learn more about you, so it makes sense to optimize it to appeal to your prospects. First impressions count, so be sure to:

  • include a professional headshot or another brand-friendly image
  • write a short, sweet, and impactful bio that highlights your strong points
  • compose a snappy headline that conveys what you offer and who you help
  • complete your profile; don’t leave any areas blank

Use Search Filters

Target your ideal prospects by using LinkedIn’s intuitive search engine to the top left of your profile page. It lets you narrow down your search using specific filters such as connections (1st, 2nd, 3rd), locations, current company, past company, school, and industry.

Forge Strategic Connections

Most likely, you will begin by connecting with people you know well. It’s a good start, but at some point, you’re going to have to venture out into the unknown to communicate with strangers. Instead of adding just anyone and everyone, choose your connections strategically to build a network of quality prospects. Go with quality, not quantity. There are several ways to do this. For example:

  • Once you start your outreach, you’ll notice an increased number of people looking at your profile. You can see who they are in your private dashboard. Some of them could closely match your target criteria; if so, get in touch with them. You’ve got nothing to lose.
  • Scroll through the ‘People Also Viewed’ section to the right of a prospect’s public profile. You may come across people with similar traits to your potential client who are worth contacting.
  • Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your industry and interests. Look for groups with individuals who fit your ideal client profile. Not only is this a good way of interacting and connecting with like-minded professionals, but also potential clients as well.
  • Browse your prospect’s ‘Skills and Endorsements’ section to see who endorsed them. Likely, some of these people may be interested in your products and services so contact them too. Also, check out the profiles of people who commented on your prospect’s posts.

Meaningfully Engage with Your Connections

Besides sending direct messages, there are plenty of ways to engage with your connections to help foster long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. They include:

  • Liking their updates and adding comments that can generate a discussion
  • Congratulating contacts on their new job and anniversaries
  • Participating in discussions regularly and sharing ideas
  • Sharing articles, blog posts, reports, and other content you think will interest your prospects

While LinkedIn can’t make a sale for you, it can bring lots of qualified prospects to your dealership’s door, which can translate to improved sales performance. If you would like help turbocharging your efforts on LinkedIn, contact Evolved Office today to learn more about our social media management services.