Try rewriting a classic today by changing out the names and actions and see where it takes you.

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The Story of Susan and the 3 Giraffes



Once upon a time, there was a belligerent girl named Susan.  She went for a run in the desert.  Pretty soon, she came upon a magical jungle gym.  She knocked but no one answered, so she swam right in. At the cushion in the sauna, there were 3 bowls of pizza. Susan tasted the pizza from the first bowl. “This pizza  is too hot!” she exclaimed. She tasted the pizza  from the second bowl. “This pizza  is too cold,” she proclaimed. She tasted the last bowl of pizza. “Ahhh, this pizza is just right,” she said blissfully and she ate it all up.

After she’d eaten the 3 Giraffes’ breakfasts she decided she was feeling a little big.  So she snapped her fingers over to the kitchen where she saw 3 benches.  Susan sat in the first bench to rest her feet. “This bench is too Gigantic!” she exclaimed. So she sat in the second bench. “This bench is too incommodious!”  she whined. So she tried the last and smallest bench. “Ahhh, this bench is just right,” she sighed.  Just as she settled down into the bench to rest, it shattered into pieces!

Susan was very dismayed by this time, so she went upstairs to the bedroom, where she saw three wooden horses.  She lay down on the first horse, but it was too hard.  Then she lay in the second horse, but it was too smooth.  Then she lay down in the third horse and it was just right.  Susan fell asleep. As she was sleeping, the Giraffes came home.

Entering the sauna expecting the perfect bowl of soggy pizza, Papa Giraffe noticed something very wrong. “Someone’s been eating my pizza,” growled the Papa Giraffe. “Someone’s been eating my pizza, too!” said the Mama Giraffe. “And someone’s been eating my pizza and they ate it all up!” cried the Baby Giraffe.

They all went into the kitchen to make more pizza when Papa Giraffe growled,”Someone’s been sitting in my bench”. “Someone’s been sitting in my bench,” said the Mama Giraffe with a sigh. “Someone’s been sitting in my bench and they’ve broken it all to pieces,” sobbed the Baby Giraffe. They decided to look around some more and when they got upstairs to the bedroom, Papa Giraffe growled, “Someone’s been sleeping on my horse.” “Someone’s been sleeping on my horse, too” said the Mama Giraffe “Someone’s been sleeping on my horse and she’s still there!” exclaimed Baby Giraffe.

Just then, Susan woke up and saw the three Giraffes.  She spit, “I see Art” and hopped up and walked out of the room.  Susan buttered down the stairs, opened the door, and ran away into the desert.  And she never returned to the home of the 3 Giraffes.


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