LADF TALK: Creative Principles for the New Normal

Los Angeles Design Festival TALK: Design Futurist Mike Milley Presents a Vision of Design in the Post-Pandemic Future

About this Event

In times of uncertainty, it can be hard to make important creative decisions. How can designers working today be sure that their work will stay relevant in the long term?

Join Design Strategist Mike Milley for an inspiring look at how design can be agile in this moment of rapid change. Mike will share four creative principles that will help designers anticipate changes in consumer needs and find opportunities to future-proof their work.

Each Creative Principle includes:

  • Examples of the cutting-edge phenomena that are influencing new consumer expectations.
  • Specific creative guidelines for how designers can activate each principle in their daily work.

Mike Milley is Principal Strategist at The New Next, an LA-based creative consultancy that helps designers pivot into the future. He has been an enthusiastic catalyst for change for over 20 years, answering the question “What’s next?” for brands like Nike, Samsung, and BMW.