Karl Hugo Schmölz

After previous photographers apprenticeship with his father Hugo Schmölz in Cologne he led after his death in 1938, continued the photo workshop. In 1956 he married the photographer Walde Huth and founded the studio with this “schmölz + huth”.

Through intensive collaboration with his father, the commissioned work could be continued without interruption after 1938. After military service Karl Hugo Schmölz documented the destruction in Cologne with his large-format camera in strictly objective point of view (cf.. Refer to the emotional point of view of almost the same time resulting photographs of Hermann Claasen ). In collaboration with the great architect of the Rhineland his time (including Adolf Abel ,Bruno Paul , Dominic Böhm , Gottfried Böhm , Wilhelm Riphahn , Rudolf Schwarz , Hans Schilling , Joachim Schürmann ) so he created an impressive documentation of the reconstruction of Cologne. In addition Schmölz edited advertising orders and in particular in the field of furniture industry (including Interlübke ). After his marriage, the studio also received orders from the fashion industry. – Wikipedia

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