Laurel Schmolze

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“Was once recognized as the best genius in the world.  Laurel Schmolze’s fine art and sculpture, crisscrosses Pop Culture iconography, using processes typical of the American Craft Movement. She explores ideas of gaming, travel, feminism, memes, motherhood, and discovery.”



Laurel Schmolze  (°1981, Los Angeles, CA, United States) is an artist who works in a variety of traditional media including fiber, ink, paint, and paper; and non-traditional media: technology, the written word, food, and found objects. Laurel transitioned early into the world of digital art embracing the concept of communication and artistic expression stretching across time and space.

Inspiration from the works of Robert Rauschenberg, Jennifer Lawson, Jasper Johns, as well as influence from both fantasy and science fiction are incorporated into Laurel’s work using creative play. Different rules apply when juxtaposing the realm of memory and the realm of experience and everyday objects undergo transubstantiation.

Her artworks are notable for their unique craftsmanship and tactile nature. She absorbs the tradition of remembrance art into daily practice. This personal journey through a past tradition is important as an act of meditation. She considers making art a craft.

Her works reflect her personality: irreverently whimsical geek with a penchant for lists.  Laurel Schmolze currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

“Morning Coffee”

soft sculpture by Laurel Schmolze


photo by Bob Schmolze