Iris Almaraz | Film Maker | Producer

Iris Almaraz filmaker, producer and writer.

Iris Almaraz is a badass filmmaker based out of East LA for almost two decades now. With a Chicano activist father and a delinquent White Chola mother, Iris’ youth is the sum of a story that could only be born in Southern California. Her formative years range from homelessness, missed schooling and time in Juvenal Hall to family vacations in Europe and attending one of the most prestigious art schools in the country. At the LA High School for the Arts, Iris ditched one day just so she wouldn’t receive the perfect attendance award two years in a row. After receiving her BFA in Cinema from San Francisco State, Iris’ first film made its premiere at a top-tier international festival in Rotterdam. Her 30k feature début “Delusions of Grandeur” premiered at Cinequest with a sold-out encore screening. The LA premiere at the Chinese Theater sold out before the Dances With Film’s festival began (a festival first). In 2013 the film was listed as a top-five Latino film pick by programmers. This international award-winning filmmaker’s unabashed embrace of feminine sexuality from a working-class woman of colors perspective is unique to her voice which doesn’t apologize or attempt to educate. It merely illuminates. Her current project “Bloody Maria” is a throwback to the B-movie art house styles of John Waters and Russ Mayer sans the male gaze.

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