K to the I to the M to the B to the A to the double L

Office to the Health to the Learning Facilities,
Time and Space doesn’t matter don’t stop me now I’m just getting bad’r

Like Big Mike Wagner say
Today’s economy is Global in every way

The world is so interconnected
It’s so vital its go to be respected

We all Now know, That we operate,
In a so-called altered state.

Speed, migration, transitory, Blurring our place, where ya going to be? The destination is not a point on a map, but a place of where I am at.

Now Re-imagine Your
Ex-er-iance and
You will see a New
We interact with no

Transforming, Brainstorming,
Non conforming
Now it’s just a fact.

People in the Palace-and-the-Place-to-the-people.

Aligning the Physical and Digital steeples
enabling the workflow in that office race,
You will never be out, or feel out of place.

Now come along and Xsede new heights, express yourself because you know its right.

Bring Joya to the world and watch your Footprint.

You’ll get Xcited with a Bloom in every room.

Narrate your own story with the truest glory
by Being Lusso and cool on every stool.

From Pairings to Dock
Kimball Really lets you Rock!

Hey, Kimball Where You AT?

-By Robert Schmolze

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