I found these resources very helpful to promote the need for the Arts in your community. I am reposting them on my website to promote the amazing work of ArtsforLA community and supporters.

I have also found them helpful in applying the same principles, in the Toolkit to art shows and collaborative art projects.

About the Arts Advocacy Toolkit

The purpose of the Arts Advocacy Toolkit is to give you the resources you need to be an effective arts advocate in your and community. You can find up to date modules covering specific campaigning and advocacy skills, as well as practical aides including sample press materials, phone scripts, and planning worksheets at https://www.artsforla.org/advocacy_toolkit

The order of the modules is intended to correspond to increasing levels of involvement. The first few are helpful to those engaging in direct, one-time advocacy actions, such as providing public testimony. The next few, beginning with “How to start an advocacy team,” are meant to guide those who want to engage in long-term advocacy efforts. The last few, beginning with “Recruitment and leadership development,” are for those who desire to take on leadership in a long-term advocacy effort.