In 2020 …

What medium or skill did you attempt or master?

What new work did you create?

How many major pieces did you complete and add to your inventory?

What was your most productive period and why do you think so?

How did your work evolve?


What were your gross sales?

What’s the breakdown of income streams?

(Income stream examples can be found in this post.)

How do those figures compare to 2018 and 2019? How do you account for the differences?

In what ways did you invest in your future success?


Where did you exhibit or sell your art? Every place or platform counts!

What was the most valuable venue for you and why?

What grants, honors, or awards did you receive?

What will you do differently in 2021?


In what ways did you open yourself up to learning this year?

What art classes did you take? What seminars or workshops?

What business courses did you take? Consider those you paid for, and those that were free (such as videos).

What business books or articles did you read, and which were the most helpful?

What art books did you read? What art documentaries or art-related films did you watch? What were your favorite podcasts and specific episodes?

What videos, films, or documentaries did you watch and learn from?

BONUS: What would you like to learn in 2021?


The big question: What did you learn about yourself or your art?

read a fantastic article by Rosie Spinks: 2020 Will Never End Unless You Grieve It.

Her laundry list of things that were lost this past year made me think more about what I had lost, and I am making space for grief in my annual review. If you want a thorough picture of the year, I invite you to do the same.

Remember: The Annual Review is heavily weighted toward your art and business. There’s much more to you than that, so do allow for more self-reflection when it comes up.