10 Killer Examples of B2B Companies on Instagram by Outbound Engine

There are plenty of retail brands out there like Starbucks, Anthropology, and GoPro making a huge impact, but what about the B2B companies on Instagram? Instagram isn’t limited to only companies that target consumers directly. With more than 800 million active monthly users, Instagram is a social network that businesses with all customer types need to pay attention to.

But which B2B brands are making the most of this network?

Having an established identity for your brand is the most effective way to find your voice and gain followers. Here’s how the top 10 B2B companies on Instagram are killing it with their accounts.

10: Hootsuite

Hootsuite, the social media management dashboard, has a very active Instagram account. Figuring out what they’re doing with their account is simple because they have a link to their careers page right in the bio. They post a lot of culture-rich photos showing off how cool it is to work there. From team building to dogs in the office, Hootsuite makes their office life look very appealing from these photos. I’m sure their 63k+ followers would agree.

9: WeWork

WeWork was founded in 2010 with a mission to build shared office spaces, but also to build community. Scroll through their feed and you’ll see some truly inspiring imagery. They use their Instagram to showcase their offices around the world, and encourage people to “make a life, not just a living.”

8: Intel

Given the weight the Intel name carries, their business already has high name recognition. That’s why its Instagram account is predominantly focused on reaching new and current audiences with interesting tech photos and commentary to entertain its followers. Intel shows how B2B companies can engage on a photo-based network in a lighthearted manner, while still keeping a strong focus on its semiconductor business.

7: Oracle

Oracle is a global juggernaut in both the software and hardware industry and its name is well established. Looking through their account, you’ll see many posts captioned with thought prokoving commentary about tech and the future of it. You can also see from the image above, they try to interject some humor and personality into their posts, making it a great recruiting tool.

6: Adobe

Adobe has made a very interesting choice to their Instagram account: they don’t have a url in their bio. This is highly unusual as most companies want visitors to take an action, and that action is usually to go to their website. Adobe is using their account to inspire and captivate their nearly 600k followers with the images they share.


Like most marketing-related activities, increasing and improving brand awareness is always near the top of the list for most companies. Take CBRE, a global commercial real estate firm. What could be a very boring, corporate Instagram feed is instead a beautiful showcase of architecture from around the world. They’re doing an awesome job at making a name for their business with audiences that might not traditionally know about them.

4: General Electric

General Electric, or GE, is a common household name, often conjured up when thinking about home appliances. Their Instagram shares behind-the-scenes looks into their work using pictures and videos. They often put a spotlight on their employees, like wind engineer pictured above.

3: Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft, maker of sales and marketing software for small businesses, has an Instagram filled with plenty of around-the-office photos as well as spotlights on the small businesses they help succeed. The are passionate about their core values and share content with them in action.

2: Mailchimp

Mailchimp, known for their DIY email solutions for businesses, has a lot of fun with their Instagram. From sharing ad campaign videos to employee spotlights, you’re going to get a little bit of everything if you follow the MailChimp account.

1: IBM

IBM shows off a perspective of their brand you might not typically see. All of their posts give you a glimpse of the artistic, modern and fun side of their corporate culture. Photos are posted from various global offices and paint a picture of a truly innovative business that’s still as cutting-edge as it was three decades ago.


All of these examples have two things in common. First, they’re all companies that you wouldn’t immediately think of as having a Instagram presence, and second, they all have a clearly defined strategy to your presence. Meaning that these accounts are purposefully posting photos to enhance a certain aspect of their business and brand. Picking the right direction is crucial for success on Instagram. And so is having fun!

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