Artist Statement

” I paint my myths, folklore, traditions, fables, proverbs, and secrets. I am a symbolist, inspired by the mentality of the Industrial revolution. Telling Siqueiros and Caravaggio stories, using a Dada process, with the colors of a Los Angeles Gauguin. The layered texture of my painted surfaces, physically capture the emotional passage of time. The unnatural poses of the figures, contain fractured repetitive shapes, framed by the landscape they are in. Each painting sets the stage for a story, that I hope inspires you to reflect and tell your own.”



Robert E. Schmolze is a California native working in Los Angeles, who is in private collected, nationally. After receiving his BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design he returned to Los Angeles. For ten years, he curated and participated in over a hundred art shows. Exploring ideas of how art is viewed and consumed. The events took place in traditional and untraditional galleries. Offices, night clubs and pop up spaces.   Like Onyx CaféInsomnia CaféCalhoun Square, the Light Bringers Gallery, The Hangar, The Hive Gallery, The Ivar, Boardners, Spanish Kitchen Studios, Da Vinci Gallery, Pearl Arts and Crafts, The Art Store, Upstairs at the Market Gallerythe Pig ‘n Whistle, American Electric Tattoo, Ecological Art Gallery, State Farm Insurance, Zackheim Gallery,The Julia Dean Gallery and private residencies; for one night events.   He believes strongly in community and collaborations. These collaborations with Los Angeles artists have led to the creation of  limited edition hand made Artist Books, Artist Groups, Events and Billboards. He is actively involved in the community, focusing on art and education. You can friend him on Instagram, facebooklinkedintwitter, or in person. For more information on sales and commissions you can contact him through his website.

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