Write a Story: A Cyclops loses his love, an Urban Logger from Oxnard.

Write a story today here’s a plotline and some character ideas.

Living life on the edge, the main character James Dramas, a proud cyclops from Albuquerque, was as confused as a skinned mongoose trimming a Christmas tree. James loses what’s dearest to him when he becomes Head of Creative Architect at Constangy, Birdwalk & Smood. This results in Gayle Zielke, an urbane logger from Oxnard, being kidnapped. With their world gone crazy, James Dramas, and his rival Pedro Medeiros, a haughty biomedical scientist from Anchorage, who is known for saying, “You may never dance with the worm but can mingle with a shadow” comes up with a cunning plan to resolve the issue. In the end, after being responsible for the death of the antagonist, the main character sacrifices themselves to stop someone else.

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