Supporting health and well-being in the work-from-anywhere era by JLL

Thursday, February 4 | 11 a.m. CST | 60 min

Why it’s crucial for employers to establish a workplace wellness program

The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant health and well-being challenges to the global workforce in 2020. Well-being is both complex and personal, so organizations should implement workplace well-being programs that are both holistic and flexible in order for employees to realize their value. In this webinar, workplace experience leaders from JLL and Delta Air Lines will share their insights for what makes a workplace well-being program successful. Attendees will hear about Delta’s own wellness program which includes a robust mental health offering to meet a wide range of workforce needs.

DISCLAIMER: JLL and their staff are not authorized or qualified to guide or influence you in the preparation of your own business continuity or preparations plans from a health and public policy perspective. While we are making efforts to ensure we are providing an up-to-date list of publicly available resources, all details on COVID-19, as well as health and public policy implications, should be addressed with the advice of an independent specialist.

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