Starting a business, organization or creative endeavor is hard to do. Here a list of action steps I have found works best when starting from Scratch.

  1. Pick a company or Project name.
  2. Set up a “Personal” gmail account. 
    ex. [email protected] . You can begin using this email to set up your social media, start purchasing web hosting and separating your company from your personal email. It will be easier for accounting and your records later on, knowing that all of your business communications are in one space.Google has the fastest tools to get your company going, found, and connected; for a one-person operation to 35+, quickly. You can always migrate or add on other tools or providers like Microsoft 360 later.
  3. Set up a Google Sheet
    Use this to keep track of all of your important information
    a.) Company Information
    Company Name, Address, email, phone number, social media accounts.
    d.) Email Contact List
    e.) Employee, Service & Vendor Provider Lists
    f.) Make a Company Calendar – Start with Holidays, important industry dates, and product release dates
    g.) Make a Content – Calendar Start with Holidays, important industry dates, and product release dates
  4. Set up a “Personal” Company google+ page 
    This is different than your google+ Business page, that comes later down in the list.
  5. Get a Business Physical Address or P.O. Box
  6. Get a Google Voice Phone Number ( or a Business Phone Number)
  7. Write an About the Company Statement
  8. Write Staff Bios
  9. Write a Mission Statement
  10. Write a Vision Statement
  11. Write an Elevator Pitch
  12. Define Your Target Audience and Demographic
  13. Get a Business Bank Account
  14. Set up a Square Account
  15. Set up a Pinterest Account
  16. Create a Account
  17. Set up a Youtube Account
  18. Set up a Facebook Account
  19. Set up a Twitter Account
  20. Set up a Instagram Account
  21. Set up a Snapchat
  22. Set up a LinkedIn Account
  23. Create a Logo
  24. Pick Colors
  25. Pick Font
  26. Create a Brand Guide
  27. Create a free website
  28. Get Web Hosting and Domain name
  29. Create a Website Home Page with Contact Information
  30. Create a Terms of Service
  31. Choose an Email Provider. I suggest Mailchimp for start ups.
  32. Upload your email list
  33. Create a Contact Form 
  34. How it Works page
  35. Create an About page
  36. Create Contact page
  37. Upload 10 Products
  38. Create an Events page
  39. Create a Services page
  40. Create a Team page
  41. Create a Testimonial page
  42. Create a Yelp account
  43. Create Stationery
  44. Create Business Cards
  45. Create a Pitch Deck Powerpoint for your Customers
  46. Create a Battle Card for your Sales Team
  47. Create a Proposal for Bids.
  48. Create a Customer Survey Google Form 
  49. Create a account
  50. Create a Slideshare Account
  51. Create a Pocket Account
  52. Take Pictures of You and your staff or workplace
    or select stock photography that relates to your business.
  53. Create a Feedly Account
  54. Create a or Account to manage social media listening