Only on Tuesdays

I often say “Only on Tuesdays.” It is in response to questions I don’t have an answer to or that is rhetorical. People ask about my demeanor or make an observation about what I am doing. “Wow, you are really busy today.” or “The phones are ringing like crazy.” I feel it is a way to keep the conversation going, put a smile on a persons face, and puts their mind into an instant “now-ness”. Making us both aware it is something that doesn’t happen all the time, and the idea is ludicrous that something would happen only on Tuesday.

For me Tuesday, seems to be a day that has traditionally been a day of ambiguity. Not being Monday start of the work week or Wednesday Hump day, etc. Tuesday has been a day where I reassess my real deadlines, reprioritize projects and handle any “Oh-yeah-I-forgot-to-tell-you-I-need-this-designed-and-printed-by-tomorrow-non-projects”. I didn’t make up this saying. I heard it and loved it, I just changed the day to Tuesday. What is your favorite personal sayings or what day would you pick.

Let me know in the comments below or leave a comment on my facebook page, but only on Tuesday…