Image: Robert Schmolze surfing with Dinosaurs.

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Fearing Minnesota’s State Bird

Sweaty feet is a yummy treat blue mosquitos eat. Sweet pixie sticks. I cross the quite innocent wet grass, and they up jump for joy. Each step I take is a new attack. Party, lunch, down. Party, lunch. down. Fin-a-lly I reach my destination. Salvation. Searing, melting, bright concrete. I am relieved, or only but a […]


Little Blue meanies eat the pink apricots out of my purple hoof and sit back onto their yellow puke chair whistl’n dixie as the clown clouds go by, I’ll dance in a circle with a finger on my head spinning to entertain spinning to be insane. You think I am a fool for you so […]

To make a dadaist poem

April is National Poetry Month, so let’s write a poem! Let yourself go, relax and write it can be a haiku or rhyme-y. Unlock the inner beatnik and go- daddy-o! Read my poem. And try the How-to-make a Dadaist poem it is quick and fun. For the analog challenged we found you a dada poem […]

Don’t Forget to Make an Awards Show

I.I.T.A.P.A.O.T.L.A.A. Ceremony In honor of the Oscars and other awards ceremonies I thought it would be fun to make my own awards ceremony. I thought instead of best picture or best director I would make up my own categories. I am calling it the I.I.T.A.P.A.O.T.L.A.A. – Imagination Insurance The Art Project Awards of the Life […]

Letters from Santa

What would Santa Say? Download Santa’s Stationary and write a naughty or nice note to a friend or loved one.

Fred #6 Oil Painting by Robert Schmolze

Oil on canvas. This piece was inspired by a day walking through the Los Angeles cityscape

Write a Story: A Cyclops loses his love, an Urban Logger from Oxnard.

Write a story today here’s a plotline and some character ideas. Living life on the edge, the main character James Dramas, a proud cyclops from Albuquerque, was as confused as a skinned mongoose trimming a Christmas tree. James loses what’s dearest to him when he becomes Head of Creative Architect at Constangy, Birdwalk & Smood. […]

Costumed Figure Drawing | Drinky Draw: Valkyrie with Erika Toohey

Tonight, August 29th 2019 DRINKY DRAW at the SFV Brewing Company – ALL AGES WELCOMED!
2nd & 4th SUNDAYS from 1pm – 3:30pm

Make a Picture – Portraits Re-Imaged

Portraits are not simply just headshots. They have the ability to tell intimate stories in ways that would otherwise take a million words. Grab your creativity, prisms, fairy lights, and strobes. Show us how you push the boundaries of classic portraits and storytelling by submitting your photos to our Portraits Re-Imagined. Send me a link [...]

Beat Poetry – Kimball

K to the I to the M to the B to the A to the double L Office to the Health to the Learning Facilities, Time and Space doesn't matter don't stop me now I'm just getting bad'r Like Big Mike Wagner say Today's economy is Global in every way The world is so interconnected [...]

The Eye of the Beholder by Kate Carvellas

About the Book "The Eye of the Beholder" by Kate Carvellas is an abstract painter and assemblage artist who takes photographs with her iPhone of things that she finds beautiful. She hopes that you will find them beautiful too. You can purchase the book on here> Facebook Email Exposition D’Art Miniature the Artshow 12-20-20 [...]

Life & Art Book of Blues & Jazz Sayings

Book O’ Blues & Jazz Sayings I have been collecting old forgotten sayings, throughout my life and have Compiled, Derived & Contrived them from Hear-Say, Rumors & Billy Goat’s Gruff. FREE DOWNLOAD PDF HERE> I have been collecting old forgotten sayings, throughout my life and have compiled them here.

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