Kimball Unveils New Corporate Headquarters

Kimball is excited to announce the opening of its newly renovated corporate headquarters. The 52,000 sf location is located at 1600 Royal Street in Jasper, IN and houses 180 Kimball employees. In the Summer of 2017, we began our journey to create a vibrant new campus that would bring all of the Kimball International brands together. This renovation included a new headquarters for the Kimball Brand and the Kimball International Leadership Team, as well as a central hub at the heart of the campus for all the brands to unite. In designing the new Kimball corporate headquarters, our strategy has been simple and consistent from the beginning: build the most incredible spaces by committing to our core values and a vision that attracts the most character-driven and talented people in the world.

Partnering with Design Firm ai3, our goal was to create environments that fuel organizational efficiency and attract and retain top talent. Our people are the company, so for our new space we shifted from “housing people” to “serving our people”. Equally important, we also wanted to create flexible and relevant environments that provide employees a space they enjoy while having choices in furniture and technology applications that better support the changing nature of workplace activities.

We designed a unique space to serve as the anchor of Kimball Headquarters. Sitting at the epicenter of our corporate campus with its dynamic, welcoming atmosphere, the Heartwood Hub is designed with the Kimball family in mind. Above all, the space is flexible. The Heartwood Hub acts as the cultural and functional melting pot of our brands, complete with a fitness studio and cafe. Along with the integration of technology, its communal meeting spaces, lounge areas, and private huddle rooms accommodate a variety of users, from large, social groups to employees who need a quiet enclave for heads-down work. It’s a place where our people can connect, unwind, recharge, and refuel. It truly is the heart of our campus and company.

The beautiful and functional space will serve as a working showroom for our employees to enjoy and our customers to visit and utilize. At Kimball, we craft what’s next, and our goal was to create a space that expressed our culture and our people. We have established an environment that fosters new possibilities, facilitates idea-sharing, blends technology with materials, and designs new solutions. This truly is a space where the work will get done now – and in the future.

Health and wellness are essential to engagement and productivity. That’s why we have a continued commitment to not only be a company that focuses on innovation, knowledge, and adaptability, but also a workplace that is committed to the well-being of its associates. Kimball has registered our corporate headquarters to be WELL certified. The WELL building standard fosters a holistic formula for better health and wellness outcomes, including a focus on seven key areas: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind – all of which can lead to improvements in employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

“Earning WELL Certification for our headquarters reinforces that we’re putting our people first and establishing a workplace that will lead to improvements in employee productivity, engagement, and retention,” stated Wendy Murray, Director of Marketing and Product at Kimball. “Our workplace reflects what our brand stands for, and that we are doing for ourselves what we do for our customers — creating environments for the future with forward-thinking concepts in product, place, and people,” concluded Murray.

Great working environments are imperative to ensuring a happy and productive workforce. With this major renovation, Kimball’s new workspace is comfortable, inviting and reflects the future of work – incorporating relevant and sustainable products that support the new workday with major drivers in technology and design.

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