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Kimball Collaboration
Live Life Nice / Chicago 2018 / Exciting to spread the joy with @LiveLifeNice during our Chicago show. Live Life Nice is dedicated to empowering, motivating & inspiring people to be nice and do nice.

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Christian Crosby
Founder & CEO

Christian Crosby has spent more than a decade with the  Philadelphia 76ers. Christian is the in-arena host, and was the 76ers Content & Integrated Marketing Manager before partnering with the Sixers Innovation Lab to grow Live Life Nice.

Matt O’Niel
Founder & CEO, Ichi Go

After an 8-year career in screenwriting,  Matt  took  a role  integrating the Red Bull brand in the soccer experience for  the New York Red Bulls. Matt went on to  lead all  marketing  for the Dallas Cowboys for 4 years; including  all content, social media, branding &  marketing. He now is  the  founder & CEO of Ichi Go, a content marketing  agency.

Ashley Kane
Operations Manager

A Philadelphia native with an extensive background in food, beverage and hospitality, Ashley joined Live Life Nice in 2016. Growing Live Life Nice from its earliest stages, Ashley is the Manager of Operations, working on the stories, partnerships and social presence that brings Live Life Nice to life.

Seth Berger
Managing Director
Sixers Innovation Lab Crafted by Kimball

A renowned sports industry entrepreneur, Seth  was the founder & CEO of AND1, the apparel,  sneaker &  entertainment  company. After a decade of acting as a consultant & CEO in the  gaming, technology  &  sports industries, Seth is now the Managing Director of the Sixers Innovation Lab Crafted by Kimball.