Answers From Pink Buddha – Tears For Japan



Uploaded on Mar 22, 2011

Pink Buddha’s response to natural and topical/political events…March 2011. (Notice the typos! No excuses on our part, we thought we had spell checked the document. Silly us.)

@2011 MT Vessels Productions, The Haggus Society


Tears flow for the Fukushima Fifty
so great a love, eckstasis overwhelm
Yet, how do you respond?
How do you respond?

Fighting for gasoline

Here come the warm jets
chemtrail public service
right coast finger-pointing
left coast liberal panic
left coast liberal panic

Do you know who to believe?

lacking compassion and respect
wallowing in the smug ignorance
of their half life period
of social insanity
of their half life period
of social insanity

40,000 years and counting

Fuzzy math equations lead us
expendability factors into all life
Our life, Earth life
Our life, Earth life

You’re expendable when it’s business as usual.

Executioner plumes whisper
the Halal slice to my neck.
Save the fucking prayers
for one who believes.
Save your fucking prayers.

Panic is the biologically correct response.

Yellow piss trickles down the legs
of the media priests
Take the communion,
it packs a punch
welcome to Jonestown, now go home
welcome to Jonestown, now go home

The water boils, the kettle screams

Written by Terri Lloyd
Performed by Pink Buddha
Directed by Monica Marsh
Recorded by Monica Marsh

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