F-the system I say. Dam the man. Screw the Fuzz. I don’t care if we are the land of the free. Look around man, we are being watched by a silent society. The statues quo. The Norms. We’re not people were numbers, that we’re given at birth to follow us to our death. SS man. Social Security. Big Bro is watching us through our T.V. spying on us and our act-tivi-ties. Those satalietes up there aren’t for the weather, cable or spying on “the enemy”.  ‘Cause we’re the enemy. The Problem. The’re aimed at us maaaan.

The man has changed to Turner, L. Ron Hubbard and Walt Dis-ney. They own our eyes our minds make us Laugh & Cry with colorized memories and cute warm fuzzy movies. Tugging at our heartstrings. But when you’re not looking they corrupt your mind with GARBAGE to buy, buy, buy. Spend your hard earned money. You think you are beyond their control. They don’t effect me! But that is the beauty of the Man, the Plan to hit upside the head when your are not looking. You better watch out. Dam the Man and his many fingers and his secret spies of corporate America. Open your Eyes stand on watch. F the Man for he is watching, F the Man for is going to F YOU!

  • By Jay Kicker Kauss