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The marketing timeline to take your holiday promotion from planning to  publish, while while helping you stay organized, sane, and set up for success.

Halloween, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, basically all the holidays. The year is packed with holidays, festivities, and fantastic excuses to connect with your audience.

Your success with a holiday promotion hinges on a deliberate marketing plan. Good news: There is a plan for you here.

This Hustle Campaign Planning Checklist
is going to become your new best friend. It’s the
1-2-3 guide that will make sure your promotion goes off without a hitch and provides you with the key elements to consider and complete for maximizing your results.


Let’s get started

Planning and Foundations

When: 4+ weeks before promotion

The best promotions don’t just come out of thin air.

Give yourself some space to lay a proper foundation  for your promotional event. You can always be  flexible as you build out the campaign, but the  greater clarity at the beginning, the better focus  you’ll have executing your plan.

  1. Set your goals
  2. Brainstorm your offer
  3. Determine the main hook/angle of your promotion
  4. Determine promotion methods
  5. Add your Facebook pixel to your site and pages
  6. Create list segment in your Email Service Provider or Customer Relationship Manager
  7. Upload custom audiences into Facebook

Prime Your List

When: 3+ weeks before promotion

During the holidays, ecommerce giants are able to outspend most small businesses in advertising.

So it’s essential that entrepreneurs with smaller budgets rely on their own email lists for their campaigns. You’ll also benefit from relationship marketing at a time when everybody else is selling at a discount.

  1. Create fresh, free content
  2. Deliver via landing pages, pop-ups, etc.
  3. Engage your audience via email
  4. Engage your audience on Facebook
  5. Engage your audience on relevant social channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  6. Gather testimonials
  7. Create a Facebook ad for your fresh free content
  8. Run Facebook ads to your free content (Saved audiences, Lookalike audiences, Custom audiences)

Create Your Offer

When: 2+ weeks  before promotion

To get buyers to happily give  you their money, you need  a great offer that stands out  from the noise.

Avoid discounting your  existing product or service,  and instead consider bundling  what you have or introducing  a new product at a special  introductory price. Focus on  the benefits of your offer:  people want to buy better  versions of themselves.

  1. Determine features of your offer
  2. Determine bonuses
  3. Craft benefits of those features
  4. Create product listing in your merchant account or membership site
  5. Write welcome email for new customers
  6. Write follow-up email for new customers
  7. Set up emails for new customers in your Email Service Provider or Customer Relationship Manager
  8. Rough draft of sales page copy
  9. Create a thank you page people will see after their purchase that details what they’ve bought
  10. Create segments/tags/lists/ campaigns/workflows for new customers in your Email Service Provider or Customer Relationship Manager

Create Your Sales Page

When: 1 week before promotion

With the proper social and  email engagement over the  prior weeks, your sales page shouldn’t need to do a lot of  heavy lifting.

However, you will  want to capture the desires of your audience and the  benefits your offer provides  on your sales page. Make it a  compelling and easy decision  for people to say yes to.

Hint: You’ll know your page is  great when you’re excited to  buy your own offer yourself.

  1. Write sales page copy
  2. Find images for sales page (hero,  headshot, testimonials)
  3. Add countdown timer for promotion  window
  4. Connect sales page to merchant  account or membership site
  5. Connect buying process to your  thank you page
  6. Test your sales page and buying  process
  7. Bonus: Create sales page video

Create Promotion Campaign

When: 4 days before promotion

With your offer locked in, it’s  time to shine a light on it.

Your promotion campaign is a  combination of communications  across several channels: email,  social, and remarketing ads. Stick  to a specific theme, and don’t be  afraid of frequent messaging.

  • Develop 4-part email series for promotion (assuming a 4 day promotion window)
  • Add emails to ESP/CRM and schedule for delivery
  • Develop 3-4 ads for Facebook retargeting ads (focus on remarketing to custom audiences only)
  • Set up ad campaigns in Facebook

Bonus: Create split test for sales page

Go Live

When: Day of promotion

All your hard work is ready  to pay off.

Open up the gates  and enjoy the thrill of seeing  your “baby” take flight.

  • Pull the “switch” to go live,  including sales page, ads, and social  promotions
  • Monitor results of campaign
  • Avoid pulling the plug or dramatically  changing anything during the first 24  hours of the promotion
  • Monitor the delivery of your offer
  • Deliver what you promise

Measure and Enjoy the Results

When: 1 week later

You made it—it’s time to  breathe again!

But while the  promotion is fresh in your  mind, take the time to reflect  on how you did and plant the  seeds for your next successful  campaign.

  • Look back at your goals and see how  you did
  • Evaluate your key metrics: revenue  generated, sales page conversion  rate, email open and click-through  rates, ad ROI
  • Solicit feedback from  your new customers (and those that didn’t buy)
  • Create a “What I’d do same/  differently next time” doc for future  reference
  • Take a day to enjoy the rewards of  your promotion
  • Schedule your next holiday  promotion 3-6 months from now


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