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  • Artist Statement 1997

    My drawings and paintings have evolved into a visual language, words, sentence. Representing philosophies I have. On what is happening in our urban environment and the social and psychological impact it is having on us as a world-society. with cellular phones, computers, faxes, pagers, cash machines, automated everything we are closing off ourselves from human interaction.

    We are learning to become more familiar with plastic and metal than with a handshake. People are numbers and figures to be used as statistical information. We are spending less time socially with our family and friends than ever before. There are whole sub-cultures incapable of simple social skills. Our world is getting smaller but at the same time so is humanity. We as a society are desensitized and accept horrors of real life as if it were a movie.

    There is an overwhelming feeling of apathy in our nation right now, many people have no hope in the future especially the children. They are being taught by overworked, underpaid, apathetic teachers. Who try hard to teach but are faced with outrageous conditions. Extra curriculum classes are being cut out of school systems right and left. There are less afterschool sports programs, clubs. The parks are closing, leaving the children to be latch key kids and getting involved in gangs and violence. These are just a few of the problems of America today. With all these involved aand complex problems it is easy to be apathetic.

    My Coffee Cup series represents the sense of community. Coffee houses for business meetings and to meet friends. People drink coffee in the morning to get going. There is the coffee break a time to think over the rest of the day, to relax and unwind. There is coffee served at dinner or after dinner. People serve coffee to guests to be social.

    Coffee to me is a symbol of communication stopping and smelling the flowers and enjoying life for today. it is a time express and exchange ideas and thoughts. It is a time of interaction. I feel society needs to focus on communication. Working inwards outwards. Solving problems of the home, then community, then country, state, nation and then the world.

    These works are just a part of a whole idea to reinstall the sense of hope and sense of power in one’s self.

    -Robert E. Schmolze

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  • ART HOSTAGES the Art Show

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  • Fearing Minnesota’s State Bird

    Sweaty feet is a yummy treat blue mosquitos eat. Sweet pixie sticks. I cross the quite innocent wet grass, and they up jump for joy. Each step I take is a new attack. Party, lunch, down. Party, lunch. down. Fin-a-lly I reach my destination. Salvation. Searing, melting, bright concrete. I am relieved, or only but a […]

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  • Los Angeles County High School for the Arts – Memories

    Click on image to to see larger Photo by Shannon Photo by Shannon Art Show Art Show Rocking Horse by Robert Schmolze LACHSA Art Book 1992 Doll in Shoe by Robert Schmolze LACHSA Art Book 1992 RELATED Ain’t No Party Like A LACHSA Party 2016 | REDWOOD BAR, Los Angeles by Robert Schmolze on September [...] Continue Reading
  • YMCA Youth and Government Larchmont Chronical Article

    YMCA Youth and Government Larchmont Chronical Article

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  • Beastie Boys & Our Mother of Good Counsel

    Winner of the Eighth grade logo design contest at Our Mother Of Good Counsel. Four years later it ended up in a Beastie Boys Album Check Your Head. I was so excited to see Ad Rock wearing my sweatshirt design. Winner of the Eighth grade logo design contest at Our Mother Of Good Counsel. Four [...] Continue Reading
  • ONYX CAFE – My first cup of coffee, art show and open mic.

    1802 Vermont will always be in the Onyx Cafe for me. I had my first cup of coffee, art show, and did open mic poetry there. I taught my sister how to play chess there. I thought a lot there. I was safe there. I was there, there. So there is part of here now. […]

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  • Karl Hugo Schmölz

    After previous photographers apprenticeship with his father Hugo Schmölz in Cologne he led after his death in 1938, continued the photo workshop. In 1956 he married the photographer Walde Huth and founded the studio with this “schmölz + huth”. Through intensive collaboration with his father, the commissioned work could be continued without interruption after 1938. After military service Karl Hugo Schmölz documented the […]

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  • Hugo Schmölz

    After a photography course in Kempten and various intermediate stations including Zurich , Munich , Berlin , Mannheim in 1911, he opened a portrait studio with Eugen Bayer  in Köln-Nippes. He focused on architectural photography , especially for-profit corporation for housing in Cologne . In 1903 he married Juliane Rödle and had two daughters and a son Karl Hugo Schmölz. Hugo Schmölz was known that he was able to create extremely difficult […]

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  • Carl Herman Schmolze

    Birth: 1823Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Death: 1859 Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, USA Poet, Artist. He came from Zweibruecken, Rhineland-Palatinate. The son of a notary, he pursued artistic training. He spent three years studying in Metz, France. From 1841 on, he studied in Munich. He was active in the Revolution of 1848, and was jailed in Munich for his strong criticisms […]

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