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  • Karl Hugo Schmölz

    After previous photographers apprenticeship with his father Hugo Schmölz in Cologne he led after his death in 1938, continued the photo workshop. In 1956 he married the photographer Walde Huth and founded the studio with this “schmölz + huth”. Through intensive collaboration with his father, the commissioned work could be continued without interruption after 1938. After military service Karl Hugo Schmölz documented the […]

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  • Hugo Schmölz

    After a photography course in Kempten and various intermediate stations including Zurich , Munich , Berlin , Mannheim in 1911, he opened a portrait studio with Eugen Bayer  in Köln-Nippes. He focused on architectural photography , especially for-profit corporation for housing in Cologne . In 1903 he married Juliane Rödle and had two daughters and a son Karl Hugo Schmölz. Hugo Schmölz was known that he was able to create extremely difficult […]

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  • Carl Herman Schmolze

    Birth: 1823Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Death: 1859 Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, USA Poet, Artist. He came from Zweibruecken, Rhineland-Palatinate. The son of a notary, he pursued artistic training. He spent three years studying in Metz, France. From 1841 on, he studied in Munich. He was active in the Revolution of 1848, and was jailed in Munich for his strong criticisms […]

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