A checklist for getting started on social from Sprout Social

  1. Pick your social channels
    Consider which channels make the most sense based on your industry and audience
  2. Complete your profiles
    Make your business easier to find in search results and show o your brand identity with
    a fully developed profile.
  3. Follow other businesses, brands and prospects
    Don’t be an island on social – you can show you’re an active participant and get plenty of
    inspiration on how to use social platform by following others.
  4. Keep an eye on your mentions
    Timeliness is key when making the most out of your interactions with followers and fans.
  5. Define your content strategy
    Consider your marketing goals to determine the best approach to content and hashtags.
  6. Assemble your content calendar
    Plan & schedule your content in advance to keep your audience engaged & save you time.
  7. Engage with others
    Remember that social media is a conversation – take the time to reach out & connect with
    followers & potential new fans regularly.
  8. Find your brand voice
    A distinct brand voice will reinforce your brand identity & help you stand out on social.
  9. Promote your social channels
    Don’t rely just on social channels to get followers – you can promote your profiles in many
    other marketing channels.
  10. Monitor your social presence
    After your profiles are up and running, keep an eye on your growth with analytics & reporting.

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