I was very excited to stumble upon this article from one of my favorite sites to find a imaginative young lady creating a platform for people across the world to share their wishes no matter how big our small they were. It is a place where people can connect and make peoples wishes come true. They also have a great DIY for a wishing tree you can read it here. An imaginatively  simple idea that I strongly believe in and try to do on a small scale whenever I can. So go ahead Exercise your Imagination and Make A Wish or Take a Wish .

– Robert Schmolze





Lily Cole may be widely known as an accomplished model and actress, but her aspirations go beyond the big screen or the pages of a glossy editorial. This past March, Cole celebrated the U.S. launch of Impossible, a website Cole created with the help of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales that promotes “gift economies.” It functions as a wiki-style tumblelog, where users take over the platform to post “wishes” of what they need and “offers” of what they can provide. It’s a simple concept, inspired by Lewis Hyde’s beloved book The Gift, about the necessity to creatively free oneself from commodity culture. “I’m a big believer that there’s a potential to start encouraging trends in the market that could lead to more social standards or environmental responsibility and less waste in production chains,” she says. “We can help to change that by changing the dialogue about the things we want to buy and what we expect out of the stories behind the products we buy.”

About Impossible

Impossible is a social network that seeks to encourage a culture of giving and receiving.

We believe in the social value offered by a stronger gift economy( *

Impossible is the first Yunus social business in the UK ( means that we intend to operate as a business and reinvest 100% of any future profits into our social mission: to try and build a more collaborative economy, drive social cohesion and empower individuals.

We do all our hosting through a carbon neutral company based in Iceland who use geothermal energy, GreenQloud(

All of our users own their own data.

We want to truly collaborate on all levels – micro and macro – so if you have a similar platform please let us know if you want to explore how we might work together.

Impossible received funding through the Innovation in Giving Fund(,, which is a Cabinet Office fund run by Nesta, and was match funded by @lily. Impossible is being supported pro bono by KwameCorp, Herbert Smith Freehills, and freuds. Impossible has also received support in it’s development by companies including Wolff Ollins, Mishcon, 100Shapes, Smuggler, UsTwo, Yunus Social Business, West-SF, Havas …

Our board of advisors includes: @jimmy, Professor Muhammad Yunus, @tomu, Brian Boylan, @edward and Chelsea Clinton [Vice Chair, Clinton Foundation].

Until our business model is brought into effect we rely on gifts or loans for our development.
If you would like to contribute please contact us at:

In the meantime the greatest gift you can give, is to give to another.
Or spread the word near you….
So that we can continue on this journey together.





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